德事隆集团(NYSE: TXT)旗下企业贝尔直升机今日在Heli-Expo 2018(2018直升机博览会)上宣布推出全新的贝尔407GXi直升机。贝尔407GXi搭载全新的航电系统,经过升级的发动机,以及选装的全新行政内饰设计。






贝尔直升机民用业务执行副总裁Susan Griffin说。


贝尔407GXi搭载佳明G1000H NXi综合航电系统,拥有更高分辨率显示器和更快的处理器,其显示器亮度更高,在强光下可视性更强。此外,它还拥有更快的启动速度和地图渲染速度,同时还可以和平板电脑或智能手机相连。经过升级的贝尔407Gxi搭载双通道FADEC发动机,能够全自动完成再次点火,辅以G1000H航电系统赋予了直升机更好的态势感知能力。




贝尔407GXi还可以额外选装佳明FlightStream 510,该设备允许飞行员从手机等智能设备上传飞行计划至直升机。此外还可以选装佳明SurfaceWatch,该系统提供跑道识别和告警技术。另外还可以选装能够承载3100磅重量的货钩,以及用于直升机系统诊断的HUMS(健康与使用监测系统)。




At Heli-Expo 2018, Bell introduced the new Bell 407GXi with new avionics, an upgraded engine, and new executive interior design options.

26 February 2018


Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today the introduction of the Bell 407GXi at Heli-Expo 2018. The Bell 407GXi incorporates new avionics, an upgraded engine, and new executive interior design options.


To download imagery of the 407GXI, click here.


“We are always looking at ways to innovate our current product line to provide our customers with the most capable, dependable, and technologically advanced aircraft in the market. The Bell 407GXi delivers improved pilot awareness, higher precision navigation, enhanced engine controls, and improved connectivity.”


Susan Griffin, executive vice president, Commercial Business


Garmin’s G1000H NXi Integrated Flight Deck, complete with high-definition displays and faster processors offers increased brightness and clarity, faster startup and map rendering as well as connectivity to tablets and smartphones. Upgrades to the Bell 407GXi include a dual-channel FADEC engine with full automatic relight, and enhanced situational awareness through the G1000H NXi.


The Bell 407GXi is outfitted with the new Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 dual channel FADEC turbine engine delivering exceptional hot and high performance, fuel efficiency and the ability to cruise at 133 kts/246 km/h. Newly designed executive configuration options bring a modernized look and passenger experience to the five-seat club cabin.


Additional options for the 407GXi include the Garmin FlightStream 510 that allows pilots to upload flight plans from smart devices, Garmin SurfaceWatch that provides runway identification and alerting technology, a 3,100-lb. cargo hook, and Health Usage Monitoring (HUMS) for aircraft system diagnostics.


The Bell 407 GXi has been certified by Transport Canada and the first delivery is scheduled this Spring.

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